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10 questions for digital era teachers



I’ve been thinking…

Here are some random questions i think we should ask ourselves to set a solid foundation to what will be the 21st century school.

1. What do we want our kids to learn? (Think of the Prensky verb categories, the curriculum, the 3Rs, the 4Cs, the digital skills, the life and career skills…)

2. What tools might we (teachers and students) use to reach our goals?

3. How will we know the kids are learning? How will the kids know they’re learning? (Where will proof of learning come from? What is sufficient proof of learning?)

4. What feedback will we give? (Think of John Hattie’s work. Feedback given does not equal feedback received)

5. Are the kids engaged?

6. What is my classroom structure? A Tour de France (a few winners and mostly losers) or a Guided Bike Tour (same destination for all but different paths + everybody gets there) ?

7. Would i attend my own classes?

8. Am i a talent refinery or a talent factory?

9. What will we do when the kids don’t learn?

10. What will we do when they already know?


What questions would you add to this list?


Thanks 🙂


18 Sep, 2012

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